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March - April 2020
Mar 2020
Inflation has been tame for so long that it’s easy to ignore when planning for retirement. However, even inflation of 2% or 3% per year, over a period of many years, can seriously erode the purchasing power of your funds. Our Newsletter will give you more insights about not underestimating inflation in your retirement planning. Read More

January - February 2020
Jan 2020
CHA family is wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year 2020!!! Most people don't think saving money is fun, but there are ways to make it fun for the entire family. To begin a happy and healthy new year, our Newsletter will give you some fun ways for the entire family to save. Read More

November - December 2019
Nov 2019
How much should you invest in stocks? One of the most often asked questions is how much of a portfolio should consist of stocks. It will vary depending upon a number of different factors, including your age, current net worth and risk tolerance. Our Newsletter will give you some insights about how much you should invest in stocks. Read More

September - October 2019
Sep 2019
A Financial Plan Is a Living Document. If you’ve ever completed a financial plan, you know how much work it is to prepare. So, after all that work, you’re done, right? Wrong. The world is constantly changing, the markets are constantly fluctuating, and so is your life. It can be a mistake to let your financial plan sit too long unattended. Our Newsletter will guide you how often you should revise your financial plan. Read More

July - August 2019
Jul 2019
Most people don't have a kind word to say about inflation, and those on fixed income hates it. But ask most economists and they'll tell you that, within limits, inflation is good. Our Newsletter will give you some insights about why inflation can be good and its opposite -- deflation -- can be bad. Read More

May - June 2019
May 2019
There are six basic financial decisions that can determine the course of your financial life as well as key retirement- planning actions you need to take from your 20s through your 60s. Our Newsletter will give you some insights about making financial decision and planning your healthy happy retirement. Read More

March - April 2019
Nov -0001
It is tempting to pay little attention to an individual retirement account (IRA). Finding a way to live decades in retirement without worrying about running out of money can also seem like an overwhelming task. With all the potential for missteps, what is the one mistake you want to avoid at all costs? DIPPING INTO YOUR RETIREMENT SAVINGS! Our Newsletter will guide you to find the best answer to achieve a happy, healthy retirement. Read More