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Individual Retirement Planning

Think of going into retirement planning like you would approach building a house. What is the first thing you do when you are ready to begin building a house? Do you go to the local hardware store and purchase nails, wood, and a hammer? No, you consult with a team of experts ranging from mortgage lenders to architects to help you plan a solid foundation to build your future. Your approach to investing should be the same way. The decisions you make related to your investments have the most profound impact on your future or any decision you will likely make throughout your lifetime.

We do not just tell you what you should do, we explain why

We do not just tell you what you should do, we explain why

The experts at CHA can help you navigate and choose the best options for your age, income, and your plans for the future. We have a suite of tools that will not only allow you to check on your accounts but also educate you along the way. CHA takes an individualized approach to investments. We want to understand your current situation before we recommend anything so that you are confident in your future and the decisions you have made.

Portfolio Evaluation

In today's rapidly evolving financial marketplace, it is essential that we have accurate, timely, and complete information on the financial position of each of our clients. Pershing LLC, a subsidiary of the Bank of New York Mellon Corporation, has developed Portfolio Evaluation Service (PES). This service offers support for tax-lot accounting and performance measurement, which has been utilized by CHA to assist clients in managing and evaluating their portfolios.

Portfolio Management Overview

Our Process
  1. Detailed tax-lot information for all currently held positions.
Our History

2. A complete schedule of realized gains and losses for the current year-to-date and the prior calendar year.

Our Values

3. Monthly statements reporting unrealized gain/loss of your portfolio.

Our Resources

4. Quarterly statements displaying realized gain/loss information year-to-date.

Work with CHA to achieve a happy, healthy retirement

Work with CHA to achieve a happy, healthy retirement

For most people, some of the best and most exciting times of their life are had during the freedom of retirement. If you want to get the most out of your retired years and also have peace about your retirement throughout your working years, call CHA today or use our online form to schedule a free retirement planning consultation.

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