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Mutual Fund Investing

For most people, investment objectives change over the course of a lifetime. Whether you are starting to save for your first home, setting up your child's college education fund, or building your retirement savings, CHA offers a wide variety of mutual funds to help you achieve your financial goals.

What is a mutual fund?

A mutual fund is a portfolio, or collection, of individual securities (some combination of stocks, bonds, or money market instruments) managed according to a specific objective spelled out in the fund's prospectus. A mutual fund allows investors to pool their money, then the fund invests it on their behalf.

Why invest in a mutual fund?

The main reason you should consider investing in mutual funds is the simplicity and the security of diversification.


Diversification is one of the key reasons for investing in mutual funds. Most investors are concerned about the risks associated with financial markets; namely, that their investments will lose money or will not grow enough over time to outpace inflation and meet their future financial needs. While the risks of the stock market cannot be eliminated, there are various strategies used to reduce the level of risk, the most important being diversification.

Professional Management

Mutual funds are managed by investment professionals, who have the knowledge and expertise to buy and sell securities that fit the investment objectives of the fund. Most fund managers have extensive educational and professional credentials and years of experience managing money.


For an individual investor, buying and selling individual stocks or bonds can be complicated, requiring extensive knowledge of financial markets, expensive, because of brokerage costs, and time-consuming. Mutual funds greatly simplify the investment process by providing investors with a ready-made professionally managed portfolio at a reasonable cost.

Why work with CHA?

Our investment professionals will work with you to choose a mutual fund investment plan that takes into consideration all of your life factors. With such a wide variety of mutual funds with a diverse range of risks and expenses, it is important to receive guidance as you make these choices. To get started in mutual fund investing, call our office today or fill out our free investment consultation form and we will set up a time to discuss your options with you.

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